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In Love with Fashion & #FindClaireaBella Liverpool

Hi all, hope you’re all good…
I’d like to say a big thank you to ‘In Love with Fashion’…

They sent this BEAUTIFUL top and playsuit that I recently wore in Liverpool…
IMG_3763FullSizeRender5Both were so very comfy. The playsuit has lovely bat wing sleeves at the top, which are very flattering. I’ve literally not taken the top off as it’s now my fave. The bell sleeves are stunning…
You can view their full range here —> In Love with Fashion
I’m hoping they bring this top out in more colours, it’s literally adorable.
As you know I did #FindClaireaBella in Liverpool…
I stayed with my friend Caz and had a lovely weekend.
I started the weekend at White House Hair getting a blow dry…IMG_3644IMG_3642The service in there is second to none. Processco practically on tap while they pamper your locks. I had it pin curled and took it out on the evening, it looked lush.
Peaches & Cream Liverpool did my face…IMG_4330Honestly, to have an ounce of their talent as their makeup skills are second to none.
What a laugh we had on the night. We went to the exclusive ‘ex-directory’ bar. Now this bar is a secret place. They don’t advertise and you have to book to even have a hope of getting in but all proves difficult when you can’t even get their phone number. When you get there you have to go into a phone box and call them to get in. It’s really secretive but the experience and cocktails are the next level.
IMG_4332IMG_4335Rolled in at around 2:30am that night, it was such good fun. Met a lovely hen in the hotel who knew who I was when I was trying to remove my shoes.
IMG_4333I ended up leaving her two CB #FindClaireaBella cards in reception the next day as a hen doo treat. She won two canvas bags.
So onto the next day and #FindClaireaBella
For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a competition day. Find ClaireaBella was on June 4th and I was in Liverpool city centre during the day and the Wirral on the evening. I was giving away 5 canvas bags, 5 classic bags, 5 hoodies, 5 zoodies, 5 original bags, 5 chocolate bars and 5 discount vouchers. All you had to do was find me, approach me and say “You’re ClaireaBella”. I then give you a magic envelope which contained one of the prizes. I tagged myself into places so it was easier to hunt me out. Thank you to all who came out to find me. Here’s some pictures…
IMG_4338IMG_4336IMG_4337Thanks to my gorgeous girl Cazi for a fabby weekend. It was brilliant and I loved every single second.
Now for you beautiful lot…
FullSizeRender4FullSizeRender3FullSizeRender2FullSizeRender1Were you in this weeks blog?
Until next week
Much Love
CB xXx

Pizza Hut, Mother Shiptons Cave & ClaireaBella BEACH TOWELS…

Hi beauties
You all okay? I’m great…
Had some fun times recently…

Enjoyed a girlie day with Millie…
We did a few shops in York and then decided to pop to Pizza Hut for lunch.
Now I’ve not been to Pizza Hut for YEARS but we decided to try it for a change. It’s not that I dislike Pizza Hut or anything, it’s more that the hubby isn’t a pizza fan and the kids would always dictate where we eat.
Anyway, it was AMAZING, the food was beaut. We shared a garlic bread to start with. Amelia got a children’s meal of margherita pizza, fries and an endless salad bowl. She did however, choose to get nachos and only nachos in her salad bowl, which made me laugh. She finished it off with an ice cream factory which is a build your own ice-cream and all the extras that go with it. I had a BBQ chicken pizza was lush, so much so that we even went back again the weekend after :-)
IMG_3962Thanks Pizza Hut, you lived up to my memories.
Now for some of you lovely lot…
IMG_3941IMG_3938IMG_3936IMG_3558Please keep sending in the pics and tagging me.
I love seeing them and sharing them.
So excited that we have now launched BEACH TOWELS…
IMG_3202IMG_3965You’ve been asking me for years and it’s been a task to develop these if I’m honest. We don’t do “Generic” and to personalise such a vast area (huge
towel) was expensive. We have tried and tried for years but always the price was too high. Anyway, after a lot of determination from team CB they are here…
Click on the link to see them —> ClaireaBella Beach Towels
You can also see them for size at the links below:
ClaireaBella Towel —> Instagram (1)
ClaireaBella Towel —> Instagram (2)

Had a lovely day at Mother Shipton’s Cave with the kids…
What a stunning place. We actually thought it would be a full day out but it wasn’t. It’s more half a day if you’re going to go. Mother Shipton’s Cave is in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire near to the River Nidd. Next to the cave is a petrifying well which is the oldest entrance charging tourist attraction in England and has been open since 1630. Other than that it’s something you need to see for yourself.
Next week’s blog will be a full run down of my
day in Liverpool so watch out for it coming :-)
Much Love
CB xXx

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