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  • LoveMyClaireAbella_Image9

    Lisa Hind

    I love my ClaireaBella because it’s so comfy I don’t want to take it off and I’ve had lots of compliments!
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    "Love it! I never take mine off either"
  • LoveMyClaireAbella_Image8


    I love my ClaireaBella because it’s a necessity for any female
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    "Agreed! Every girl needs a ClaireaBella Bag!"
  • LoveMyClaireAbella_Image7

    Amanda Elias

    I love my ClaireaBella because it’s a beach essential, the perfect size for 2 towels, swimwear, nook, phone, purse & SPF creams, lush!
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    "My beach bags are a must-have, they really do fit so much in! Hope you enjoyed your holiday Amanda!"
  • LoveMyClaireAbella_Image6


    I love my ClaireaBella because the mugs help make a perfect cuppa!
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    "They really do! My cuppa always tastes better in a ClaireaBella mug :)"
  • LoveMyClaireAbella_Image5


    I love my ClaireaBella because heads keep turning when I walk around with it!
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    "I can see why you keep turning heads! You look gorgeous with your ClaireaBella Jute!"
  • LoveMyClaireAbella_Image4

    Angela Krokidis

    I love my ClaireaBella because they make great baby bags!
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    "Congratulations Angela! These bags really are perfect for carrying all your essentials and still looking glam!"
  • LoveMyClaireAbella_Image3


    I love my ClaireaBella because you’re never too old for pink girlie fun!
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    "I totally agree Nat! You can never have too much pink at any age!"
  • LoveMyClaireAbella_Image2


    I love my ClaireaBella because it is the cosiest thing in the world, thankyou!
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    "You look super cosy in your hoodie and PJs, love your laid back style!"
  • LoveMyClaireAbella_Image1

    Kathryn Noden

    I love my ClaireaBella because it makes a great gift for my little sister’s birthday!
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    "I love this photo of you and your sister with your matching bags, so cute!"