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We are proud to introduce to you five stunning ClaireaBella girls meet The Bombshell, The Fashionista, The Kook,
The Girl Next Door and The Rebel also known as The ClaireaBellas.

Independent, sassy and always glam our fab five girls have big personalities and even bigger hair
and are now available for the first time on an gorgeous range of products which are soon
to be available from the best retailers on the high street.

If you are a retailer interested in stocking The ClaireaBella range please contact us by phone on 0161 2600 146,
email trade@claireabelladesigns.co.uk. Alternatively complete the form below
and we will send you our amazing information pack.

We have an amazing collection of products for you to retail.
Jute bags / Satchels / Mugs / Travel Cups / Notebooks & Diaries / Cushions / Greeting Cards / Suitcases

Confident and outgoing, and doesn’t mind being the centre of attention, in fact she demands it!

Sophisticated and chic, but her friends know how to bring out her fun side

She has a quirky personality coupled with a genuine innocence and chic style

Down-to-earth and laid back, with a casual, cool style

She plays by her own rules. Spontaneous with a kickass attitude!